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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sitting in the Airport in Miami….

Wow ! So this is what the real world feels like !

We’re currently sitting in the Miami terminal awaiting our flight home. It’s a beautiful day when you look out the windows, but (as always) it’s a crappy day in the Miami Airport.

We’ve schlepped our bags, removed the necessary clothing, got touched in inappropriate places, and have generally been treated like terrorists. Ahhhhh ! Gotta love this airport !

We’ve been busy little girls (ok ok…so the diet starts tonight) It’s been a marathon of packing as much into our last two days as humanly possible.

First things first. Yes … our precious little video camera is officially toasted. We performed surgery on it only to find that the circuit board inside had corroded blue shorts all over it. We were sad. THEN on Saturday night, the last lithium battery that I had for our still camera ran out of juice. Sooooo…no pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Lynda has done the impossible. She crossed over to the other side ! Everyone is aghast that she managed to infiltrate the Panamanian family and score us an invitation to their home in Panama. Now this isn’t such a bad thing….they are gazillionaires after all. The girls from AHI have been calling her ‘traitor’ for the last 2 days. (Lynda refers to herself as a “mole”….with benefits)

We pretty much lazed away our last 2 days at sea. Saturday we lounged around the pool and then went to the Captain’s cocktail reception followed by the farewell formal gala dinner. Afterwards Pasquale insisted we join him once again in the wine cellar. This is very difficult for us. There are so many potential souvenirs in that room that it’s unnerving. (I had to duplicate a dress for this event…the dress I was going to wear for the last formal evening was, umm, a little too, err …. snug ? )

We tippled out of there and attempted to make a withdrawal at the casino with no success. Then we headed to Karaoke. OMG…many drunken passengers singing and dancing badly. We stayed there until a conga line began to form. That was our cue to hightail it out of there just after 2:00am. (very reminiscent of a 70’s wedding !)

Back in the room, we changed into our swim suits, wrapped ourselves up in our terry robes & slippers and headed to the pool. This was probably one of the highlights of the trip. There we were with the pool deck all to ourselves. It was all lit up, the water was so much warmer than the air, and the sky was an unbelievable canopy of stars. We floated around, hit the hot tub and called it a night just before 3:00. (damn that camera !)

We spent Sunday in much the same stupor. We skipped the Lido deck and had a light lunch in the dining room with a few glasses of wine. We headed back to the pool and ordered our afternooner bottle of Sancerre. This is when things got a little fuzzy.

The lido band wrapped up their set at 1:30 and the girls we’ve been chumming with in the casino decided that they needed the tunes to keep going. Who are we not to assist a party !? We went to our room and retrieved the iPod and Sound Dock to take back to the pool. We didn’t want to be responsible for any noise repercussions so we gave it to Connie (carbon copy of Fran Drescher’s “Nanny”)

To thank us for the tunes they sent over more wine *hic* and ordered up a bottle of champagne for the boogie-tunes. After an hour of this, we were all pretty tiddled.

Lynda thought that "Penthouse Hopping" would be the next logical step.

We started in our room (8 of us) and ended up in Teresa and John’s PS suite (bigger room than ours) The butlers were scurrying from room to room setting up an obscene amount of munchies. John was ordering bottles of Cristal (holy !) and we finally had to break it up at 6:00 so Connie & Jess could get ready for their early seating dinner.

It was rough sobering up enough to make our 8:00 reservation in Prego ! To while away the time we packed up our suitcases and got everything ready for an easy departure in the morning.

We were scheduled to depart the ship at 9:30 this morning so we managed to squeeze in a leisurely brekkie before we bid everyone adieu.

So here ends the gastronomic overindulgences.

That’s pretty much it for now….our plane leaves in half an hour.

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